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    Regardless of what you are struggling with, as your coach I will:

    affirm who you are

    help you discover your unique strengths

    help you make decisions that are right and healthy for you

    do my best to keep you focused and moving forward

    assist in addressing any obstacles to your success.

    Life Planning & Organizational Skills

    Learn the most effective ways to become organized and efficient in the life you have.

    Self-Care Planning

    Find out how to make healthy self-care a consistent habit so you can live your best life.

    Managing Chronic Conditions & Invisible Illness

    Co-create your personalized plan with me to successfully manage whatever is stealing your joy.

    Coaching for Autistic Adults

    Discover ways to manage the unique challenges life brings when you are neurodivergent.

    Coaching for Helping Professionals & Therapists

    Help for the helper to prevent or bring you back from burnout and compassion fatigue.

    Coaching for ADHD

    Helping you to learn how to stay consistently focused, productive, and organized for success